PVS Tuition

PVS prides itself on the socio-economic diversity of its student body and is committed to both keeping its tuition at affordable rates as well as supporting students from a broad range of economic situations.

The 2023-2024 tuition and fees table can be seen here.

Payment Plans

Financial Aid Policy

PVS offers need-based scholarships (NBS) as part of our commitment to maintain the socio-economic diversity of our student body. In addition to demonstrated financial need, the NBS committee considers the academic record of students and financial assistance can be removed from students that fall below certain academic thresholds.
To make its determination, the NBS committee collects basic financial information on income, assets, family size and the number of siblings in tuition-charging schools. The family must complete and submit a Parent’s Financial Application along with supporting documentation to the school office by announced deadlines. Requests for need-based scholarships must be renewed annually.